What you doing at the court house??

There is a great segment on one of the local Houston radio stations (97.9 The Box), “Whatcha doing at the Court House????”  They play a little diddy and sing that over and over to announce it.  A local DJ reporter decides to post up in front of the downtown Houston court-house with a microphone.  She randomly chooses people to walk up to and ask, “whatcha doing at the court-house?” I am pretty sure the  DJ that does this is Nnete.  Someone needs to verify that for me.


I am amazed at the answers these inbreds are able to come up with.  It is absolutely funny as hell.

This morning I had to go to a local County Court House as a witness.  I stroll in the place at 8:20 a.m. (court starts at 8:30) and the place is PACKED.  I mean, sardines have more room in a small tin.  A rather large cat tells me that there is an empty spot next to him.  Due to the fact this cat is LARGE, the spot next to him was small.  I took it because sitting is better than standing.  And I am not a large guy.  Well the dude and I strike up a conversation.  He is at the court-house because he received a citation for no insurance.  He left his new insurance card on his counter.  (this happens to me all the time!!) All he had to do was show up at the court-house and show his proof and hopefully they would dismiss him.  Great to run into a normal guy that made a simple mistake.  When I scanned the entire courtroom I think this cat and I are the only two normal folks in the joint.  Most folks look similar to this:

The guy on the other side of me needed a bath.  He was in his mid-50s, hispanic, and had a sweet looking mullet.  Somehow he was able to get it back into a pony-tail.  This is a classic look that I wish I could pull off.  He watched the time go by with his eyes closed and in a deep snoring sleep. (he wasn’t up for my stimulating conversation).

I anxiously looked around for the person that was the cause for me to be enjoying this morning courthouse fun.   Apparently, he never showed up so I was released.  As I walked out of the court-house I was shocked at the fact there were another 45-50 people outside the door waiting to get in.  If I had a microphone I would have started asking these low-lifes, “Watcha doing at the courthouse??”   Instead, I walked into the parking lot with that jingle in my head.

Thanks 97.9



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  1. Jenn

     /  February 2, 2012

    Thanks Chris – now I can’t get their catchy jingle out of my head! &@!?$;!!!


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