Christina Aguilera leaks

Driving in to work this morning I was thinking that I needed to post a blog entry about my weekend.  After all, on a Monday I usually update family/friends on the coming and goings of the family.  Well, one of the smut talk show morning DJ routines always has the Hollywood gossip.  And lets face it, if I post about whats going on in the Hollywood world and add a few pictures of some good-looking actresses, etc… my viewers expand exponentially.  So, what should I write about?

Hollywood wins…

Apparently poor Christina Aguilera was asked to sing the famous Etta James song, At Last, at her funeral.  Aguilera was quoted as stating that she credits James as a serious mentor of hers.  She apparently sings the song in every concert.  Sorry – I can’t verify this personally due to the fact I don’t think I will ever go to one of her concerts.  This is no slight on her talent; she can flat out sing.  I’m just not that interested.

As I drove in I was thinking about all the times I have heard Aguilera in the news lately.  I recall a few.  So naturally I performed a web search…

- She flubbed the National Anthem at last year’s Super Bowl

- She passed out drunk at a hollywood party (but I have a hard time calling that problem…)

- Now she has a strange fluid leaking down her leg at a funeral.  And she is showing off her cleavage.  Strange woman.


All I can really do is shake my head.  I was actually reading about this on one news site that allowed comments.  One lady wrote in that Christina is a true performer.  She was having her monthly cycle and was still able to complete the song.  A lesser women would have stopped… Geez.

Good thing the cross was covering her cleavage.

Well, her people claimed that Christina was sweating so much due to the fact she was “into” the song that she leaked spray tan.  HA



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  1. trena

     /  January 30, 2012

    Now I want to Ralph. Thanks chris.

  2. I hate to prove you right that posting about Hollywood increases readers, etc. but I just happened to stumble on your blog and read this. Very funny stuff. :)

  3. where did she spray her tan if it was leaking???
    jeeez .. she’s falling apart.. it’s so sad.. she had a strong voice ONCE UPON A TIME..


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