Legacy MMA Fights!

This past Saturday night my wife and I decided to meet some old high school friends and have a night on the town.

We left the girls over a buddies house and met at a Mexican restaurant, Pappasito’s off of 290 for dinner.  The dinner started out great but instantly took a nervous turn when the waiter recognized me.  A former student that I had kicked out of whatever school I was working at a few years ago.  This student and I apparently had a history that I can not recall.  Of course, he probably thinks I am in bed with Satan.  I, on the other hand, can’t even remember his name.  Regardless, I lean over to my buddies and remind them that I can not dine, visit, or “hang out” on this side of town.  I thought my friends remembered this but they always blow it off until they find a bag of terds, some mucus or a few animal hair balls in our food.

After avoiding any body fluids in my dinner (or at least I don’t think there was any) we head down to the SW side of Houston to the Arena Theater.  Apparently, this is the oldest theatre in Houston (or so the sign at the place claimed).  On this particular Saturday night the theatre was hosting the Legacy Amatuer MMA fights!  I have seen these fights on TV and we all know that I love Gina Carano.  But to actually go live to see the 11 card fight.  This was a blast.

I knew that I was “overdressed” in my slacks and silk shirt when I noticed that metal detectors were set up at the door.  Large armed guards were peering down their noses at everyone.  The typical MMA fan was dressed in t-shirts, fancy blue jeans, combat boots, and a mo-hawk.  The girls were dressed in the typical hooker dress with 6 inch heels.  This was my kinda place!

Walking to the beer line with my buddy Jeff we apparently cut in front of a large dude in line.  Instantly Jeff and I stepped WAY back and apologized to this dude saying, “SO sorry buddy… We didn’t see you and you are more than welcome to go ahead of us.  Tell you what, Let me buy your beer… We aren’t looking for a fight!!”  He laughed and went ahead of us.

Watching the fights was quite the experience.  I think the best thing about the entire evening were the Ring Girls.  The producers of the fight stopped at the strip-joint for lunch and hired the first 5 girls there.

Good times…

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  1. Harper Faulkner

     /  January 30, 2012

    Damn! I love MMA and beer. Good job with the photos. A little more of the fighters would be nice. Nah, I didn’t mean it! HF

  2. Would of loved to have better shots!!! All I had was an iPhone. Good times though!


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