A guy’s guy, Greg Dimenna

Do you know Greg Dimenna from Lamont?

I bet you don’t but after reading this if your a guy you will be impressed with Greg.  Greg is just a guy who was selected at half-time of a Chicago Blackhawks game to “Shoot the Puck”.  He didn’t do well but he was able to carry on a conversation in an interview with Sarah Kustok, a Chicago sports reporter.  Greg talked about how his sister is the “biggest Blackhawks” fan ever and how he played baseball in high school but regrets not playing hockey, blah, blah blah…  Overall, a decent interview for an average joe that just sucked it up in front of the home crowd.  Then he took over the interview and put his arm around the HOT Sarah Kustok and told her, “I love you.  Your so pretty and beautiful, I just love you.”  She was blushing and basically didn’t know what to say.

Here is to you Greg Dimenna!  Your the man.  Sarah, you need to give this average joe a chance.  Any man with the sand to pull that off is worth keeping.

Watch the interview here

After reading a little background on Sarah I really like this girl.  She needs to move down to a Houston station.  I could see her reporting on the Texans!  Notice this article about her mother being murdered in 2010.   Sarah was a former basketball player at DePaul

As for Greg, all I could find is that he is a 2004 graduate from Lemont High School.   Hopefully Greg, you have a future with Sarah!  Good luck brother.


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  1. Paul Dimenna

     /  January 14, 2012

    This is a great opportunity for both of them . Gregory Dimenna is my nephew . He is one of the nicest guys I know . I’m proud of him, it takes alot of gutzs . He had a great opportunity and made the best of it. Good luck nephew .
    I love u
    Uncle Paulie


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